As we understand the journalists’ challenges and demands, this article shares some outreach tips that enable communications professionals to foster meaningful and productive relationships with relevant journalists and editors.

Supply value-added content and assets

Going to extra lengths to validate your press release with testimonials from industry experts and distributing through major wires can bolster your media relations impacts.

As multimedia becomes more integral to storytelling, communicators should adopt a holistic approach to content dissemination by including visuals that complement their narratives.

While static images remain the standard, journalists are also receptive to receiving other less common multimedia assets, including videos, live streams, audio, and even animation. Incorporating varied, relevant visual resources is vital in cutting through the noise and ensuring your publicity materials stand out.

Champion accurate, truthful, and unbiased storytelling

As journalists and editors strive to maintain credibility and tackle fake news accusations, communicators can contribute by facilitating impartial reporting.

Besides disseminating relevant and verified information to the media, PR practitioners can actively contribute to fact-checking and ensuring the trustworthiness and credibility of the data or experts quoted. These efforts accommodate journalists’ tight deadlines and accelerate the crafting of credible stories.

Be proactive in anticipating and gearing up for the future of journalism

As PR and journalism are two sides of the same coin, this requires communicators to think more strategically about remaining a trusted source of information amidst the changing media landscape. This can range from disseminating verified data and well-sourced multimedia, providing access to industry experts or product samples, to investing resources in strengthening relationships with relevant outlets.

As communicators are tasked with shaping the public perceptions of their clients by securing features in the right outlets, this starts with rapport building. Understanding the nuances in collaborating with your media partners and maintaining good relationships would enable the organic publication of your desired brand narratives.

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