Relationships are just as important in business as they are in private life. If you manage to truly engage with your clients on a personal level, you will not only retain your customers but also ensure positive word of mouth and professional relations built on mutual respect.

Showing appreciation for your clients

Every entrepreneur knows it’s important to show clients that not only their business but also they as people are valued. This is why, in order to keep clients and maintain a healthy working relationship, it is very important to express this on a regular basis.

Personalized gifts go a long way

While the monetary value is not the most important thing, you should feel free to splurge a bit on your most loyal and lucrative clients. After all, you have probably been benefitting greatly from their business over the course of your collaboration. This makes it important to show you care and want them to feel valued by giving them something out of the ordinary. Gifting “things” will rarely achieve this as they are often lost, forgotten or replaced by other things soon after.

What is likely to be more valued, is if you give an experience, something that cannot easily be recreated or imitated but that will make treasured memories. Invite your clients to a sold-out concert or sports game, a special dinner prepared exclusively for them by a world-renowned chef or arrange a meet and greet with their favorite artist. This will show you know their interests, care on a personal level and are interested in them personally as well as professionally. And of course, it will also make you stand out from their other business partners who do not go to such lengths to show their appreciation.

A real life example

Banks and credit card companies are often great examples of such specialized gifts. They frequently provide their top spending clients with services that doesn’t just help them do research on their next vacation but also gets them reservations at restaurants that are booked solid months in advance, arranges for them to get access to invitation only events and meet their favorite celebrities over dinner.

At Midas, we have recently partnered with a company that has been assisting some of Southeast Asia’s leading credit institutions in making this kind of experience happen for their clients. This will let us help you give back to your clients in the same way and add significant value to what you offer them.

Whether you want to send your customers to Scotland for an exhilarating experience of driving supercars from castle to castle or to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we can now make it happen. The following testimonial is of one of our partner’s guests whom they recently flew to Tuscany for one of Andrea Botticelli’s concerts and a private dinner at his house with his whole family after the show, and shows what an impact these experiences can have on people.

“We experienced a wonderful and unforgettable performance of a true star of the Italian opera and even more – the warm welcome of his cheering family. We were able to see inside the very core of his life besides the music, Andrea’s other passion: horses. He showed us around the stables and the garden and it was absolutely exceptional. We will keep a wonderful memory of this late-night caviar dinner and their friendly company!”

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