If you’ve ever been involved with public relations, you’ll quickly notice that the industry is filled with women. Nearly 80 percent of the public relations industry today is comprised of ladies. And it’s not even just the work force that is run by the girls. My time studying public relations in university was spent side by side with students who were, by a majority, women.

Is it just the industry that appeals to females or could it be that women are better equipped for a position where effective communication and strategy skills are necessary? According to a study done by Open Forum, the growth of firms led by women have been more successful than their male counterparts by growing at almost double the rate.

What makes females such effective leaders, especially in the public relations industry? There are several reasons.

1. Women are better, more active listeners.

In general, females tend to be more empathetic than males. This gives them the upper-hand when understanding the needs of others and knowing when it’s time to listen. Women can more quickly connect on a deeper level. This enables us to be attuned to a client’s needs, creating the environment for a satisfying, long-term relationship.

2. Women know what is going on.

It is more likely that women will be up-to-date with the news and be able to apply it to clients and other workplace issues. Women consistently show up men in spatial memory and multitasking. This allows females to check the news, answer an email and problem solve. This also makes females effective at brainstorming strategizing solutions.

3. Women are effective in groups.

As mentioned earlier, women tend to empathize and connect easier than men. We are natural connectors and communicators. Women aren’t nervous or afraid to speak with others and share thoughts on issues or stress. By being able to hone in on that natural ability to communicate, women can come up with better thoughts, ideas and plans for the future.

4. Women are social creatures.

Studies maintain time and time again that women are more social than men. This leads to higher rates of collaboration and creativity within business. Women tend to seek interaction more. We are comfortable in seeking new connections with just about anyone, which can really help drive new business.

5. Women can focus more on the macro.

The main focus of men in business tends to be on monetary outlook and increasing sales. Women are able to focus on the big picture issues. A recent study from Accenture shows that women are more likely to place importance on work-life balance over money, which fosters an environment for overall success within a business.

No one can truly pinpoint why the public relations and communication industry is bursting with females. Regardless, women have the skills and natural abilities in order to perform a job well done.