Given journalists’ daily pressures and highly competitive environment, PR practitioners can ease their workload by understanding their challenges and tailoring interactions to meet their needs.

This article will outline three best practices in media relations to help you build strong media rapport.

Expert quotes for enhanced outreach impact

Since journalists respond better to press releases, direct pitches, and industry insights, combining these elements can enhance your outreach efforts. Consider sharing a press release with a quote from a relevant industry expert in your pitch.

Additionally, providing a secure storage link to multimedia assets relevant to your story can increase your chances of landing coverage.

Cision revealed that images, data visualisations, and videos are the three most widely used multimedia elements in journalists’ content over the past year.

The perfect PR pitch in 2024

According to the journalists surveyed by Cision, a well-rounded PR pitch is determined by its relevance to their audience. They appreciate personalised, concise pitches with bullet points or short sentences clearly outlining the key information.

Credible information, appealing visuals, and headlines delivered in 25 words that entice journalists to read further are also crucial. Additionally, 64% of the journalists prefer receiving only one follow-up after your initial pitch.

Respect editorial deadlines

Due to global media downsizing and competition with digital creators, journalists exert themselves to produce quality content for their audience daily. Therefore, communicators must promptly respond to their enquiries and provide necessary information to ensure their stories are published on schedule.

Understanding journalists’ deadlines is a critical way for PR practitioners to add value to journalists, in addition to relevant content, original research, and expert insights.

A clear grasp of journalists’ expectations and changing preferences enables communicators to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their media partners.

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