We’ve all been told to learn from our slip ups. Something we’ve been It’s through doing something the wrong way that we learn the right way(s) to do it. Something we don’t often do is make the most of our mistakes. For example, it’s through constantly messing up the winged eyeliner look that I was able to blend the liner into my eyeshadow to create a quick smokey eye. This also applies to your work. Wrote something the ‘wrong’ way? Add it to your content vault! Making the best of a situation takes a lot of conscious effort and self compassion.

Give Yourself Time

In collective societies, we’re often more focused on how our mistakes have impacted others and channel our energy towards reducing the effects. Mitigating our errors is important. However, solely focusing on damage control leaves little time for self-reflection and ways to improve in the future. Take the time to journal, meditate about it, or talk to someone you trust about it


With our emotions running high, it’s difficult for us to visualise the bigger picture. It’s highly likely that in the course of our actions, we’ve done something right. Reframing the event in a way that takes focus away from your mistake can show you where you might be overthinking the effects of your actions. This can also point out what steps you should continue to take.

Talk about it 

Verbally taking responsibility for our actions and conveying our willingness to improve demonstrates accountability, which is key towards healthy relationships. We should also express these feelings to ourselves. Write yourself a letter where you detail exactly what you’d like to improve. Seeing in writing that you have committed to your professional and personal development will motivate you to focus on that, instead of continuing to beat yourself up.

Find a mentor

When we picture our goals, we also tend to picture ourselves looking like a certain person. This could be a fictional character or a public figure. Finding a mentor who exudes similar qualities can give you insight into how they handled their mistakes and turned them into success. They can also help you navigate whatever obstacles you encounter, and possible shortcomings.