Digital transformation – the process of using digital technologies to create or modify business processes and customer experiences – has been a buzzword for quite a while now. But according to McKinsey, less than a third of companies succeed in their evolution. The most common cause of failure — inability to convey the transformation to the consumers. This is where online reputation management comes into play. By representing the business, its messages and its intentions to consumers, online reputation mechanisms can highlight important evolutions and new developments. Let’s take a look at how online reputation management can help businesses succeed in digital transformation.

It remembers the customers

Transformations are usually internal. Within the business, people already know what is changing, but it is important to communicate the change to the customers. A successful transformation means that businesses are coming to where customers reside, so it is critical to communicate this process externally and make sure that customers are aware of the new developments.

It ensures businesses start on the right foot

Being reactive online almost never helps; businesses need to be proactive, especially when the change is happening. Transformation often implies building a new identity. This new identity must be effectively projected outwards to maximize the reach and to give the business a large audience to start on a new journey.

It’s a great start to eventual brand community management

We have already written about Brand Community Management and its importance for building customer loyalty. Online Reputation Management can lend additional support to digital transformation by assisting in building relationships with consumers. Strong relationships with the customer base can then form a loyal community in the future.

Digital transformation without an effective online reputation management strategy can be risky. At Midas PR, we have experts waiting to help you create effective strategies for online reputation management. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us via email.