It’s clear the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) sector is undergoing some direction changes in 2023. Here’s how organizations, businesses, and brands can leverage the trends:

Digital touchpoints for continued engagement

To support the rise of the hybrid format, establishing always-on digital touchpoints for participant engagement before, during, and after events to capture insights on their behaviours and interests. This can enable you to personalise their upcoming and future experiences better.

Common touchpoints include event applications, websites, social media channels, and pre-recorded content.

Streamline on-site management and experience with automation

As event-goers become more hesitant of direct contact and cautious of hygiene, employing robots to carry out such tasks as venue navigation, check-in with facial recognition, or catering will help ensure participants’ safety, thus increasing their confidence.

To adopt automation on-site, organisers could consult with venue owners or third-party providers of robotic solutions for event management.

Strategic considerations regarding internal event formats

The major shift to hybrid workplaces demands more flexible planning from event professionals; they must decide which meeting formats best suit different internal agendas and occasions.

For example, hands-on training produces the best outcomes when delivered in person, whereas online meetings can be effective for routine discussions or activities. On the other hand, a hybrid format can be utilised for town hall meetings when a mix of information delivery and active participation is required. 

Though MICE industry changes will require event planning teams to find new ways of thinking to adapt, overcome new challenges, and make the most of arising opportunities, getting event planning right is key to making the experience memorable for internal and external stakeholders.

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