Following our previous article on the importance of content atomisation, let’s find out how to get more mileage out of your available resources.

Conduct a content audit

Before deciding on a concept, your creative team needs to identify relevant, atomisable content through an exhaustive evaluation of your existing assets.

On which platforms do my consumers consume content? What are their motivations and interests? Which past messages perform the best? These are some crucial questions you should ask yourself while conducting an audit to pinpoint and prioritise content that best appeals to your audience and aligns with your business objectives.

Decide on your major distribution channels and formats

Although atomic content enables your creative outputs to be presented in diverse manners, you must always bear in mind audiences’ demanded formats and channels for optimal reach. It would be counter-productive if your content is made available in every single format or viewed by only a few upon being uploaded on scarcely visited platforms.

If your audience enjoys visualised information, consider turning a text-based blog post into an infographic. On the other hand, if they are YouTube-savvy, keep your profile on the platform frequently updated with atomic content based on your chosen topic.

Monitor and react to the constantly evolving process

It goes without saying that everything in life can take unexpected turns and your atomic content design is no exception. While in progress, your creative team should track published content performance closely. Timely tweaks are necessary when unfavourable responses from audiences are detected or when part of the series is gaining less traction than anticipated.

A diversified portfolio of content becomes increasingly essential for organisations now that consumers demand companies to offer more than just products or services. At Midas PR, we are experts in strategic content creation that speaks directly to desired audiences.

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