SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING :: Midas will connect your brand to the online world.

When news breaks, it breaks fast, reaching thousands of people in an instant. The same goes for what you have to say. People love to share provocative content—content that makes them laugh, smile, or shake their heads. Done right, your messages can turn customers into fans.

And that is what we aim to do for all of our clients by delivering tailor-made social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Today

The world of Social Media has seen exponential growth in the past five years as more and more people connect and stay in touch via the internet. But the days where social media channels were only meant for private use are long gone. Today many companies have recognized the power of social media marketing and are using the opportunity it presents to reach and engage their current and potential customers, and positioning themselves as the go-to authority in their industry or market niche. Become one of them and start benefitting of the power of social media!

Reaching Out to Your Audience

Reaching your online audience has become a way to make, break or build your business. By sending out your message on social media channels you can influence how this message comes across. Now you no longer depend solely on the media and the spin they put on articles about your business. Today, you can craft your own social media content and get it out to the audience that matters most to your company. There has never been a more targeted way to reach your current and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

With around a billion users, Facebook is a true goldmine for social media marketing. With great content, you can build a large following and keep your target audience updated about your newest products, services and other developments within your company. Use this channel to build meaningful relationships with people, be there to answer their questions and give suggestions on how to get the best use out of your product or service. By providing this kind of free and valuable content, you will win a place in their hearts and keep them on board as loyal customers.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Is your product visually appealing? Is your company located in a beautiful area or do you have great pictures of events, staff and maybe even clients that you would like to share? Instagram is the perfect place for this. Engage your followers with powerful pictures and short, meaningful messages to stay at the front of their minds and keep them continuously engaged with your brand. That way, the next time they need something, they will think of you first.

Social Media Marketing on YouTube

Do you have some great video footage describing how to use your products? Do you give free tutorials on a subject related to your industry? Then let us set up a YouTube account so you can share this material with the world. Not only will people be grateful for the valuable information they can get for free, you will also position yourself as a leader in your industry and show people that you are willing to take the extra step by providing them value without asking anything in return.

The Midas Approach to Social Media Marketing

Whichever channel you choose, Midas can help you create the account and manage it to ensure you and your followers get the most out of it. We continuously monitor the account performance and test various strategies to find out what works best for your industry and target audience. This helps us build customized approaches for each client that will maximize the success of your social media marketing campaign.

To start off, we create a social media marketing strategy, with a detailed breakdown of the type and number of posts and videos we suggest for you. We will also include some samples so you can see if our ideas match your company’s style. Once you have given your feedback, we edit this proposal to perfectly fit your needs and requirements and once you give us the go-ahead, we start working on your campaign by building a comprehensive plan across your social media platforms so your message is cohesive and you engage the widest audience possible.

To take the weight of planning ahead off your shoulders, we create social media marketing plans one or two weeks in advance, depending on what you prefer. That way you have the opportunity to check all the proposed posts for the next weeks and can give us feedback and request changes.

Once we get to work, we lead conversations and manage the ever-flowing stream of content. We help you measure success through analytics, tracking competition, and defining your brand through carefully crafted content. We stay ahead of the game to harness the power of social media marketing and use it to your advantage.

From Facebook, Twitter through to LinkedIn we create interactive and eye-catching profiles and informative pages, handle maintenance and upgrades and give your company’s online platform the boost it deserves.

Midas will connect your brand to the online world.

To learn more, contact us now and set up a time to talk. We would be glad to help you out.