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How to make a brand community flourish

We have our community up and running. So, what is the next step? Managing it! One important thing to note here is that members of the community are not limited to loyal customers. They are your brand’s fans and potential ambassadors. They are infinitely more valuable to your brand than just loyal and satisfied customers. [...]

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How to build a brand community

Gone are the days when social media marketing was only limited to blogs and sales promotions on Facebook. Today it is all about brand communities — communities which are built by customers and for customers.  It is a world of its own and also something that your brand needs to have to connect with on [...]

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How to create a successful integrated communications strategy

When it comes to communicating, the world is full of choices. Whether it is print media, email marketing, direct marketing, or social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we are provided with an endless supply of platforms. The most important question is what to say, how to say and where to say! Over [...]

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Why integrated communications is necessary for success in Thailand

Integrated Communications approach helps businesses to communicate the same message across various channels in a timely manner. The word ‘integrated’ in Integrated Communications defines itself. A combination of different instruments and tools to make the best use of various available channels. By integrating various communication platforms (both online and offline), and coordinating payed and earned [...]

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