Integrated Communications approach helps businesses to communicate the same message across various channels in a timely manner. The word ‘integrated’ in Integrated Communications defines itself. A combination of different instruments and tools to make the best use of various available channels. By integrating various communication platforms (both online and offline), and coordinating payed and earned messages on social media, website, news outlets, advertising venues etc, businesses can maximize their communications impact. Let’s look at the reasons why integrated communications strategy is a key to success in Thailand:

  1. Multiple Channels: The number of channels available in Thailand is countless. Instagram, Line, Facebook, and WeChat are just to name a few. It is important to have a sound communications strategy in place to make the right decision for the right channel. Moreover, Thailand is home to people from different cultural backgrounds. If WeChat works for Chinese then Facebook works for Expats. With a sound integrated communications strategy, it will be easier to reach out to customers in a consistent manner across different platforms.
  2. Multiple Stakeholders: The technological and social environment in which organizations operate has changed considerably, and the demands of different stakeholders such as customers, investors, employees and NGO and activist groups have forced organizations to put considerable effort into integrating all the communication efforts. Organizations face an increased demand for transparency about their operations. In their efforts to respond to these social expectations and to present themselves as coherent, reliable and trustworthy institutions with nothing to hide, organizations need a coordinated approach to reach multiple stakeholders.
  3. Multiple Language: Language, the deadliest barrier in Thailand for anyone who can’t speak Thai, let alone businesses. Reaching a target audience is a challenge itself and on top of it, foreign companies have to make sure that they communicate in the local language. Although over the years Thailand has started adapting English more frequently but, having a bilingual communications strategy will help you reach both the locals and expats in the region.
  4. Multiple Perspective: Thailand is one of the rising hubs for expats. Different nationalities result in a different interpretation of your brand’s message. To minimise the risk of misunderstanding the messages need to be adjusted to different channels, different stakeholders and different contexts without losing identity and unity of voice.

What works for one group of customers might not work for others. Having an expert advice can help you reach all groups of customers. Midas PR is the perfect blend of international experience and strong local expertise. Our multinational team understands Thai consumer behavior and buying decisions. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.