Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate, live, and work. The boundaries between the digital and physical world continue to blur, directly impacting the way we conduct business with each other. This also applies to the event business — thanks to technological advancement, the on-line event industry is progressing, with more and more organisations exploring the value of video conferences and virtual meetups. These technologies are now growing in demand due to the impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus. For businesses which realise the necessity of a continuity plan digital alternatives to offline events open a whole world of opportunities. Let’s have a look at the the benefits of holding virtual events:

  • Convenience: Virtual events provide attendees with a convenient attendance option. Virtual events enable people to attend the event regardless of the limitations and potential inconveniences related to  travel, time or costs. Apart from that, virtual events include improved logistics and timing, especially for larger conferences.
  • Engaged Participation: During an offline event, a presentation puts communication on hold. However, during virtual events discussions can take place in real-time. Online events allow attendees to be more engaged in the conversation because they are actively participating. Also, the presenters and moderators are able to see and react to immediate audience comments and thoughts about the presentation without interruption.
  • Longer Lifeline: Virtual events provide attendees with an online record of both presentations and attendance. Some events also allow the content to be reused and repurposed, this way the attendees are provided with more opportunities to benefit from the material. Additionally, sponsors and advertisers also profit from this, since their logos and links remain online for longer,  thus providing a higher return on investment.
  • More Revenue: Virtual events help organizations support membership registrations and renewals by presenting members with the convenience of attending conferences online as well as in-person. Besides they also provide new revenue channels for corporations. The revenues are found by offering virtual-only product and event offers as well as advertising that is only accessible to the virtual audience. With virtual events, organizations can reach and attract  sponsors, vendors and speakers interested in an online audience.

Online conferences offer many advantages – namely, they are much more cost-effective than most in-person events, and if you use them efficiently, you can garner much of the same value from the experience. Our team of experts can help you organize and moderate virtual events. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.