The main thing to consider when planning your performance marketing is determining your goals and the performance (action) you want to see. Building a strong action-led activity can be challenging, but there are different methods to increase visibility and drive results. The combination of performance marketing and public relations will potentially make for a great match, providing new opportunities and connections to consumers. Therefore, a well-implemented public relations strategy will play a crucial role in your performance marketing.

Below are some tips on how to integrate performance marketing and PR:

Finding common goals

To integrate PR and performance marketing, the first step is to find common goals both share, including improving reach, awareness and influence. When common goals align, coordinated brand narratives, content strategies, social interaction and media coverage are enhanced. This shared alignment will benefit planning, execution and measuring the campaign digitally.

Make reactive content

While PR sometimes requires reactive content creation because clients ask for it, digital marketing can help to anticipate trends by finding areas to exploit. Companies cannot reach their target audience without being somewhat reactive to the results created by their digital effort.

Data analysis

Data analysis will help you tap into your strategy and allow you to monitor interactions and connections across social platforms. With more data, PR can be guided to help a company towards achieving reach and presence. Analysis helps to improve and maximise results of the campaign, while performance marketing will further enable the company to pivot and make changes to achieve desired results. The more data, the more feedback and insights can be provided.

By combining public relations and performance marketing in your strategy, you will be able to boost brand awareness, enhance an already-positive brand image, while at the same time paying only for achieved results based on your defined actions.

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