COVID-19 may have ruined this year’s Songkran celebrations, but businesses can still benefit this holiday season from an opportunity to connect via festive messaging. Whether it is Songkran, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, holidays are the perfect time to connect and reconnect with your customers by using the occasion to send seasonal greetings. Here are some tips and ideas to help you stand out from your competition by leveraging your email database:

Subject Line

Remember, the first impression is a lasting impression. The subject line is the first element your subscribers will see, and so it pays to make it impactful. Keep in mind that other businesses will also send holiday greetings to their customers, so it’s necessary to craft carefully composed, thought-provoking, humorous, and/or even somewhat cheeky holiday email subject lines. Our suggestion: create something short and straightforward, promote offers in the subject line, and avoid excessive use of capitalization or exclamation points (both of which can result in messages being marked as spam).


Email marketing is about gaining potential customers’ attention, and adding images in newsletters can help hugely. Pictures add a personal touch to messaging, and using a holiday-themed image to support the message is a powerful way to get your email read and remembered. Our tip – post the same picture and the same message on social media platforms. Remember, repetition is key to memorization!


The correct length of an e-newsletter depends on many factors, such as message frequency, format and subject matter, and, of course, audience. According to Litmus’ research, the average attention span in an email is just 13.4 seconds, meaning that the ideal length of copy in an email is around 50 words. To make sure that the message gets picked up by the audience, use bullet points, bolded headlines, and big, beautiful images where appropriate.

Call to Action (CTA)

The goal of any marketing campaign is to either get a response from stakeholders or turn potential consumers into current consumers. Every email should include a compelling call to action. It can be a link, a button, or a clear next step. However, don’t turn your holiday greeting into an aggressive sales pitch. It is a holiday after all!

Email marketing is often overlooked but can be a vital part of PR and marketing communications. The Midas PR team is able to provide you and your brand with a strategic PR campaign, including email marketing planning and content creation. Visit our website at today for more information, or get in touch with us by email.