The first step in hiring a PR firm is distributing a request for a proposal (RFP). A RFP is a formal document that solicits information from agencies in a prescribed format and timeframe. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expense on the client’s part and still doesn’t guarantee getting the best PR agency. This is why it is important to provide the PR agencies with on-point RFPs. Below are some tips on properly writing a RFP:

Give details

Provide as many details as possible. Remember to include objectives, needs, expected deliverables, and a vision of what success looks like for your brand. This will help all agencies create the best proposal and enable you to evaluate and compare the proposals.

Estimated budget

Although a total budget may be difficult to set when initially creating a RFP, providing an estimation will help agencies understand the scope and tools they may utilise. Many PR firms have a wide range of communication tactics and tools that vary in cost and effectiveness. With a budget, estimation agencies will provide a strategic proposal that will lead to an ideal outcome.

Key Criteria

Clearly stating expectations in the RFP will allow agencies to understand goals, objectives, and the direction of the project. This can be done by providing a simple scoring matrix or setting priorities for the end outcome. Without key criteria, the proposal will be either too broad or miss the mark.


A deadline in the RFP is always helpful. Apart from giving 1-2 weeks deadline, also include how, when, and to whom should any questions or clarifications on the RFP be submitted. Lastly, add a date for when a decision will be made or when and where the agency needs to present the proposal.

Briefing a potential partner for a project can have mixed results, ranging from finding an agency that doesn’t seem to match expectations to one that appears to be perfect. However, creating a RFP that is straightforward and clear can help reduce the time and locate the ideal partner. The Midas PR team’s experience and familiarity with different industries have created an environment that is welcoming to potential clients not familiar with working with a PR firm before. Visit our website at today for more information or get in touch with us by email.