Creating a social media marketing funnel to turn your followers into clients can seem difficult, but with the right guidance, success is only a step away. Below are some basic tips that can help you in creating a social media marketing funnel campaign:

➢ Goals & Expectations

Marketing communication professionals often have high expectations for the success that comes from a social media campaign. A strong campaign begins with a set of realistic and achievable goals. Keep in mind that whether your campaign is focusing on conversions or building brand awareness, if these goals are not properly balanced the funnel will fall short of achieving either.

➢ Metrics

Being able to calculate the success of your campaign as well as knowing whether the desired outcomes have been achieved is vital. It’s important to understand the different metrics available as your progress towards achieving your goals are calculated by these metrics. For example, a conversion-oriented campaign wouldn’t necessarily consider a viral post as successful. Your campaign goals should always be supported by the correct metrics.

➢ Audience Segmentation

To ensure your target audience is affected by your social media campaign understanding who they are is critical. Segmenting your audience can greatly increase the chances of conversion. Observing which social media platform is used by your target audience is also important.

➢ The right CTA

A Call To Action (CTA) can help your campaign not only progress smoothly but also increase the efficiency of your funnel immensely. An effective CTA used at the right time can keep your audience intrigued and engaged, thus increasing the chances that more people will reach the bottom of the funnel.

Understanding these elements whilst progressing through your campaign will help your brand effectively accomplish the desired goals set. Our experience with social media management can help your brand achieve a successful campaign.