Graphic design is an art within itself, and having access to an experienced designer is obviously very helpful. However, before you get to this stage, you should have an understanding of what you want your content communication to achieve. Consider how the integration of your proposed graphic idea will help with storytelling, address a need, or provide knowledge or some level of captivation for the reader. Below are some tips on how to use graphics as part of your comms, and a couple of points to be aware of, too:

  1. Keep your target consumer and objective in mind and consider platforms: It is always worth thinking about your target audience: What they like, what they follow, where they hang out, so consider why they will connect to the content you create. It’s beneficial too if you can create graphics that provide value, such as offering insight, knowledge or a visual representation of an abstract idea that is difficult (or tiresome) to explain with just text.
  2. Consider the use of colour and typography: Graphics can be a “Balance between art and functionality” – colours which connect and tell a story within their own right, but which also serve a purpose. As well as depicting your intent, your graphics should be easy to understand, whilst effective use of contrast, colour balance and separation between components help to draw in the viewer and quickly explain your idea or your value proposition, e.g.-what your organisation can bring to the discussion.
  3. Avoid randomness with consistency: Work towards a consistent look by angling everything towards the goal. In a series of posts, using the same format or colour tone consistently will help the reader identify you as the poster and draw attention to the fact you’re continually offering something to the discussion or idea as part of an ongoing initiative. This helps establish long-term value creation. Avoid random or haphazard placement and aim to provide a consistent “look”. A good example of this is the top Instagram pages which offer a universal feel which runs through all content posts.

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