Sending newsletters in this age of social media and short attention spans means that they must be entertaining, educating, convincing and persuading. Below are some tips that will help you in producing a compelling newsletter:

Have a catchy subject line: A catchy headline can raise interest. Remember that first impressions matter and your email newsletter subject lines determine whether it will be opened or not. A strong subject line prompts your recipients to open their email which will then increase your open rates.

Include valuable information: Your subscribers want more than just details about your products and services. Avoid focusing on selling. Make sure that you are giving useful and interesting content that your audience wants to read. It will also be beneficial to provide tips and advice, or industry news

Customise: A well-targeted email marketing campaign with engaging content and attractive layouts will result in a good opening and conversion rate. Try to always include the name of your company in the sender information of the emails sent. If the recipient already knows your business, displaying your brand will make the newsletter more reliable.

Keep the newsletters regular:  Effective newsletters will help you in communicating with clients and customers and help your business to grow. By regularly circulating the newsletters you will be at the forefront of your clients and customers, constantly reminding them of how you can help. Additionally, they will also assist in keeping your website updated with new content.

To create effective email newsletters, one needs great content, which is tailored to the audience. Our consultants have the best tips to write a compelling newsletter. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.