Today brands utilise social media for multiple purposes. They use various platforms to reach broader audiences, promote products and services, hire employees, and much more. At the same time, social media are by definition uncontrolled media, and there is a constant risk that consumers may bash and criticize brands for providing poor service. Below are some tips for handling negative comments on social media:

Always Respond to Comments: It is important to reply to every comment, whether positive, negative, or neutral. If a brand only responds to positive comments, it will give an angry client another reason to dislike the brand. Remember to engage but not to instigate.

Be polite: It is not easy to stay calm when a consumer posts negative and inadequate comments, but being courteous and professional is the best strategy. Never use swear words on social media. The best way to deal with angry and rude customers is to be kind and agree to disagree. Always remember, if loyal customers see their favourite brand being rude to others, it will affect their opinion as well.

Personalize your Message: Consumers want to be heard and seen. This is why personalizing messages and showing empathy are very important. The best way to handle an angry customer is to acknowledge them, thank them for their comments, and let them know they’ve been heard.

Negative comments are not a massive problem if managed timely and accurately. Many companies get dozens of bad reviews daily, but it does not affect their revenues. The Midas PR team can help you in handling online criticism with the right strategy.