Public relations (PR) and copywriting both create meaningful and valuable content and deliver them to the target audiences through several channels. However, despite the overlap in functions, there is a fine line between the role of a PR agency and a copywriter. Below are the points that differentiate them: 

  • Purpose: The main difference between a copywriter and a PR practitioner is that the former focuses on creating content that sells an idea. PR practitioners target the communication aspect of disseminating messages to stakeholders. Copywriters review and curate stories from a third’s party point of view. A PR-practitioner establishes the company’s reputation through the collaterals released, whether it is a press release, thought leadership article or a blog post. 
  • Research: Both PR and copywriting require research for writing, but their research perspectives differ. PR practitioner’s research involves researching the industry news, trends and keeping up with the competitors. This in-depth analysis helps plan better communications strategies. Copywriters’ research is often confined to content topics. They create and provide valuable, relevant and consistent content to drive practical consumer behaviour, which functions as a call to action for clients.
  • Develop: A copywriter’s content strategy is to maximise consumer interest. It aims to create content that builds brand identity, benefits readers and encourages the public to purchase the mentioned product or service. In contrast, a PR content strategy is about communicating the message. It looks at communication strategies altogether and develops targeted messages for different platforms and tools to achieve communication objectives.

In a nutshell, copywriting and communications go hand-in-hand. Communications can be viewed as the roof and copywriting as the pillars supporting it. Both are equally important, and separate strategies should be in place to get the best out of both. As an integrated communications agency, Midas PR has created bespoke marketing communications strategies for many clients and crafted stories to engage, inform and elevate their image across various channels. To know more, visit or get in touch via email.