As everything is becoming more and more visual, images have become an absolute must on any online presence in order to engage the audience. But now you can take the engagement to the next level by using videos. Although they require an investment in time and money, there are six reasons why using videos for marketing is totally worth it.

Boost your conversion rates and sales

By simply adding a product video to your home page or landing page you will already see your conversion rates increase significantly. That’s because videos give people the chance to see you or your product in action and convince them they really want and need what you have to offer.

Although videos are not exactly cheap to produce, they are worth the investment because they bring excellent results. For example, highlight how to use a product and what the benefits are, and you give people exactly the information they needed to make a buying decision.

Build trust and relationships

By adding an engaging video to your website, you don’t just give information, you also build trust. People will now be able to associate a face and voice with the name of your brand and immediately feel more personally connected than when your brand was just a logo and a product.

For example, you can try adding a brief personal introduction video to your home page and encourage people to sign up for your newsletter at the end. This will send a strong personal message, create trust and significantly increase your sign-up rate.

Videos are great for Google rankings

This does not mean that adding cute cat videos will boost your company’s website traffic, unless you are targeting pet owners. However, if your videos are relevant to the topic of your website and you optimize them for keywords that relate to this topic, you will be sure to boost your page rank by adding short films as it gives your website more authority.

Capture more mobile users

More and more people use mobile devices and while reading on a phone has become a lot easier on the eyes than it used to be, watching a video is still a lot more pleasant. Also, while people are out and about, they might not have time to read your entire page of content. But there always seems to be time for a short video. And even if they get interrupted, it’s easier to come back to a half-watched video than a half-read text.

Send a clear message

Certain things can be hard to explain in writing. There could be misunderstandings or it could simply take way too long and in the time it takes you to make your point, the reader has already left your website. Not so with videos. Here you have the chance to explain even the most complex concepts with the help of props and other visual aids that can make every topic come to life and engage viewers.

Especially when you are selling a complex product or service, you should consider using videos to make sure people fully understand you and the value you can bring them. This will engage even lazy buyers who don’t want to go out and look for information because you just gave it all to them on a silver platter.

Boost your social shares

It’s not a secret: funny, informative, or meaningful videos get shared on social media. If you manage to engage people through your videos, be sure to have a share button right next to them so your viewers can send them to their friends or colleagues. This will do wonders for your video’s rankings and, of course, also increase your views and often drive traffic to either your YouTube channel or website.

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