Are you comfortable with the uncomfortable? | APAC PR Leaders Forum (Thursday, 2nd September, 12.00pm AEST)

Please join us for the first virtual APAC PR Leaders Forum, a 60-minute e-event which discusses the highly relevant and topical current theme, Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

As the world changes, how will the communication industry’s leaders adapt?  What do other PROI Worldwide members have in mind when it comes to living and working with risk and client demands during yet another trying year of uncertainty, and how will they seek to pivot, reorientate and improve?  What communications challenges are unique to our region, and how do we bring the best out of teams under our management?

With many of our constituent nationality member countries under some form of Covid lockdown right now, there’s never been a better time to learn on the hoof, adapt, and gain insights from peers.

The forum discusses customer behavior changes, the PR approaches which still work and what needs to change, the elements of an emotional intelligence (EQ) skillset that helps us succeed, and finally, how best we can manage internal stakeholders in a post-COVID world.

Discussion topics:

  • Customer behaviour keeps changing: how can your team adapt?
  • What PR approaches still work, and what needs to change?
  • What emotional intelligence (EQ) skills are essential today?
  • How can you best manage internal stakeholders in a post-COVID world?


Suzie Brady

Director of Communications, Adobe APAC

Sahib Anandsongvit

Founder & CEO, Seek One

Karin Lohitnavy

Master Connector, Founder and CEO, MIDAS PR

Mark Jones (Host)

Chief Executive Officer, Impact Institute

Register yourself and your team today. We realised there are not many places where PR leaders with Asia Pacific responsibilities can meet to exchange ideas, and so we can’t wait for you to be part of the conversation.