It’s amazing to think that 2016 is already over. For us, it came with many great events and campaigns to organize, interesting clients to promote and new developments within the company.

In 2016 we had the pleasure to host a number of large press conferences and represent companies such as Guardforce Group, Continental Tyres, Zilingo, Story Seoul, Bata and Ericsson. We also put together several successful events such as the Thailand Arbitration Center’s World Mediation Symposium titled “Mediation – the Language of Peaceful Communication and Conflict Resolution”, MDS Microsoft, Bravis International, IOT Platform conferences and recently the Connecting Founders Weekend Market on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at theCommons.

Apart from these great projects, we have also seen some great development in the company. As our team grew in 2016, we were able to take on several new types of projects including marketing campaigns, branding and video creation. Check out the work we did for Vichy, Seagull, Bata and EZBuy!

A milestone change however, was that on November 14th, 2016 we officially opened our Midas USA branch in Los Angeles. Two of our team members recently moved to the U.S. and are now bringing the Midas touch to clients in the United States. To reflect all this development, we decided it was time for a new website and a new logo. You can check both out at

As this year draws to a close we already find ourselves in the middle of the preparations for another big event in January. We are glad to be ending 2016 on this high note and look forward to continuing the new year with the same momentum.

We thank all our loyal clients, suppliers and partners who worked with us in 2016 and have contributed to our growth and success.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy and successful New Year!

Your Midas PR Group Team