Your graphic design makes you stand out. As well as creating an element of visual attractiveness that pulls interest to your communications, it also carries your messages. It tells people who you are and what you have to say in an instant. Unfortunately, companies often overlook the possibility of integrating smart visuals into their text-based posts, ads, reports, banners, etc. This is an area that can be exploited to help you better connect with customers. Below are some of the reasons why businesses should consider devoting time to developing their graphical components within communications:

  1. Standing out in the constant noise: Particularly with regards to social media streams, where users may have just a second to absorb your content as they quickly scroll down the feed, visuals give you a chance to “Stamp your brand, identity or idea” into the constant flow of noise. The old phrase, a ‘picture paints a thousand words’, is still true in the digital age. A quick glance is all it takes to convey your concept quickly.
  2. A key communication tool beyond written messages: A visual representation gives consumers the chance to immediately identify and associate brand objectives, mission, vision, promise, etc. This is why company logos are such an age-old and crucially recognisable part of brand ethos and identity. It can take a long time to cultivate a corporate culture or consumer trust and a graphic offers the chance to show this off, so demonstrate your credentials and enjoy this further connection possibility.
  3. Beautifying & enhancing the user journey: Large blocks of text are “subliminally imposing”, i.e., they are off-putting to the person viewing your page – especially now everyone reads and scrolls predominantly online. Chunky, bold, dazzling or clever graphics “chunks” are easier to navigate, more logical in their immediate ordering, and present themselves well to fast interpretation by the reader/consumer.

As expert communicators, we are always looking for ways in which our releases, posts and advertorials can make you stand out. Midas PR has its own in-house graphics design team which is ready to support your communications activities today. Visit or get in touch via email.