While large, global PR firms might seem attractive at first, local agencies that have proven their excellent quality of work with measurable results and international awards can offer their clients a set of unbeatable advantages.

A Recognized Stamp of Approval

Following international standards gives your company an edge over competitors because often these standards are stricter than local ones and make your organization go the extra mile to achieve excellence which you will be recognized for. Because international standards are set by leading experts, they make it possible to highlight the companies that are best at what they do, not only locally but also compared to global competitors.

This applies for PR just as much as for any other industry. When an agency is awarded for its outstanding work and strong results by a trusted organization, this makes them just as credible as large international PR firms.

The Advantage for International Companies Coming to Thailand

When international companies want to establish themselves in Thailand, they often hire a PR agency to help them get the word out. In order to find a suitable PR partner, it is best to search for a company with trustworthy credentials. Some things to look for is whether the agency has experience helping international companies enter the Thai market, who are their local contacts, which professional organizations they are part of and which awards they may have won in recent years. Finding a local PR partner with these attributes will guarantee you great results and a successful expansion of your business.

Advantage for Local Companies Branching Out Internationally

For local companies wanting to expand their reach abroad, the advantages of hiring a PR agency that has strong international connections and is recognized for its excellence are similar. Breaking into a new market can be very challenging for any organization which is why it’s a great plus if their local PR partner has connections that can be leveraged to help them become successful in their new destination. A PR agency’s membership in a professional network such as PROI facilitates this kind of connection and helps foster international collaboration, making it easier for companies to expand to new markets around the world with the help of the best PR partners both at home and in the new destination.

Demonstrates High Quality, Efficiency and Flexibility

International standards are set by the top experts in their field and highlight the best, most efficient and most ethical ways to manufacture products and provide services. By following these standards, companies save valuable resources and build a strong reputation as an ethical member of the community.

In the case of PR, local boutique agencies following international standards provide their clients with highly personalized service, great value, generous ROIs and innovative, eye-catching campaigns that take advantage of the latest social and technological trends. This brings strong media coverage, a lasting buzz around the brand and sets them apart from their competitors. Frequently the owner or founder of the firm will also be very involved in campaigns, communicating with the client directly and ensuring their satisfaction, something that is unthinkable for large PR firms. Finally, smaller agencies can usually offer their clients more flexibility and quicker turnaround times for projects than big multinationals who are often limited by corporate guidelines and red tape.