Following on from our post on the power of Gen Z communication, we have some approaches that cover the best ways to encourage them to gravitate towards your brand.

Strike up partnerships with micro and nano influencers

Despite boasting lower numbers of followers than celebrities who speak to the masses, micro and nano creators are known for their ability to connect with young consumers through authentic content and an approachable style that comes at an affordable rate.

By pinpointing the influencers with your desired follower base and working with them to share your narratives, you can increase the likelihood of brand messages being received by the right audience.

Our previous blog post on working with micro and nano influencers is a great place to start for information on how to build collaboration with these types of influencers!

Champion a relevant cause

Consider which social or environmental cause your brand can become an advocate for.

Although it can be tricky to get right, identifying a relevant and appropriate cause is key to creating brand purposes and aligning your values with young consumers. For example, cosmetics brand Lush has made its fight against animal testing an intrinsic part of its brand DNA. Extensive media coverage of the brand’s activism in this area has resulted in growing loyalty among conscious young consumers.

Put transparency on top of your agenda

Strengthen Gen Z’s involvement and identification with your brand by crafting clear and honest narratives of your business operation, its implications and justification for your commitments or actions.

Gen Zs surpass all other generations in their desire for transparency; ignoring it could risk your brand being cancelled. In fact, the absence of transparency was reported to cause 22% of Gen Zs to view a brand in a negative light. This is also particularly vital in crises when consumer trust is at stake.

Establishing a partnership with the right parties or walking the talk is often easier said than done. At Midas PR, we are experts in matching you with the influencers that best suit your brand purpose, identifying the right angles and crafting stories that can resonate with and speak directly to your desired group of people.

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