In our previous Muse edition, we shared insight on the rise of attention as the rising star metric for effective communications measurement.

There are several ways brands can utilise this trend to engage increasingly distracted audiences to maximise campaign ROI:

New considerations for media placements

Due to the fragmented media landscape, PR pros need to interrogate media titles with a keener eye. Focusing on attention-related metrics against the target channels can help pinpoint the virtual space best suited for their clients and objectives.

Bravery to make yourself part of controversial topics

When contentious industry issues make headlines, voicing your thoughts in a way that could enrich online conversations can pique stakeholders’ interests and capture their attention.

This tactic, known as newsjacking, is a good tool for enhancing your thought leadership and engaging with your stakeholders organically. However, it isn’t without risk; if it isn’t executed carefully and strategically, it can damage brand reputation.

You can learn more about newsjacking, when and how to use it effectively in our previous post on the topic.

Prioritise completion rates when working with video creators

Collaborating with vloggers is often on the top agenda when seeking to engage with your fragmented audiences through video content authentically.

To ensure optimal real reach and exposure while working with these creators, don’t forget to request completion rates of their channels that indicate how many people fully watch their videos.

Unfortunately, being viewed by millions on YouTube differs from being fully watched by millions.

As impressive as the number of views or impressions may often seem, communication pros should consider other metrics based on their objectives unless they want the end result to fall short. After all, nobody communicates for the sake of it; content should always drive an end goal with a clear call to action for the stakeholder it’s targeting.

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