Our previous article highlighted different factors contributing to the trust crisis.

Effective and strategic PR approaches can help increase consumer trust in several ways:

Act as an ethical gatekeeper of publicity

Unfortunately, the PR industry is still associated with the questionable practice of ‘spinning’.

A PR ‘spin’ is a method of communicating in a way that misleads audiences’ perceptions, often to sway them in organisations’ or politicians’ interests. One prime example of spinning includes greenwashing practices- you can find out more about this in our previous article dedicated to this topic.

PR spins can damage loyal stakeholders’ confidence in the brands responsible, but also the media publishing the false and misleading information.

In response to the trust crisis, businesses should prioritise communication tactics demonstrating honesty and transparency to build brand image and reputation.

Hone fact-checking skills for better thought leadership building

Fact-checking was traditionally a skill associated with the world of journalism, but it’s key to remember that PR and journalism are two sides of the same coin. Fact-checking practices are essential for PR pros in a climate where disinformation and misinformation online mean the demand for trustworthy information is rising.

PR practitioners equipped with fact-checking skills can better vet and synthesise online information that acts as the foundation or supporting evidence of their publicity materials. This helps ensure that journalists receive verified facts and figures, thus building clients’ credibility and audiences’ confidence.

Prominent organisations ranging from universities to regional blocs often have dedicated webpages to fact-checking tips, enabling journalists and communicators to better source and evaluate information accurately.

Don’t take AI-generated content for granted

Leveraging AI-generated content has undoubtedly streamlined working procedures and made the dreaded writer’s block less of a hurdle. However, as elaborated in our first article on several causes of the trust crisis, these tools are still error-prone.

For credibility, businesses should exercise extra caution when employing AI tools. Ensure that credible sources corroborate statistics or claims and that the context fits your brand voices or values.

Given the climate of public distrust, rebuilding confidence with verified content and ethical approaches is on the top agenda for the PR and communication industry.

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