Once you understand why digital PR and SEO should work in tandem, you can begin to implement tactics that complement each discipline and elevate your overall communications strategy. 

Capitalise on trending topics

With SEO tactics like keyword research and Google Trends analysis, your digital PR team can identify the most newsworthy topics your brand can leverage.
Through a timely newsjacking approach, you can highlight your thought leadership, generate buzz online, and drive organic traffic to your website.

Check out our previous blog for tips on how to use newsjacking as an effective PR strategy.

Optimise links and keywords in earned coverage

While your digital PR team works to secure coverage from online news outlets, influencers, or bloggers, your SEO team can assist by providing links with keywords on your website that could benefit from a ranking boost. 

Inserting correct links and having them covered by trustworthy sources will enhance your presence on search engines and provide your target audience with the most relevant content to drive traffic effectively.

If you’re using paid sponsorship with link placement, your SEO team needs to ensure that each link adheres tonofollow attribute rules to avoid search engine penalties imposed by Google.

Better forge relationships with influential stakeholders

SEO enables your digital PR team to gain insights into the backlinks and conversations about keywords that matter most to your business or industry. This makes it easier for the PR team to identify important voices, such as journalists, bloggers, and KOLs, that they could better engage and build relationships with for future PR activity. 

Integrating digital PR and SEO in your communication efforts can deliver more content value to relevant stakeholders and strengthen your position as an industry leader in the virtual world. However, keeping your messages and workflow consistent can be challenging the more team members you include.

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