As the new year begins, there are a number of interesting trends you should be aware of in the world of PR and communications. To make sure your company gets the visibility it deserves, it pays to be aware of these trends and make them work for you. Below we’ve highlighted a few for you to get a feel for what you should know about.

Data Analytics

As it becomes easier to collect information about customers’ behavior and the way they make decisions, we get new opportunities to communicate with our target market. But since the amount of information that is collected grows so quickly, it’s becoming more and more important to efficiently analyze it and get the insights you need to make decisions for your company. Take time to familiarize yourself with ways to analyze data and make sure you fully take advantage of this new powerful tool, and you will be sure to come out ahead of your competition.

Media Measurement

Similarly to data analytics, it is becoming easier to know who you are reaching with the media you are using and how these people are impacted. Do they click forward to your website or stay on the page to read the whole article? What times of day are the best for your online ads and which publications attract the highest rate of clicks to your website or sales pages? This and a lot of other information can now be collected so you can find out which media outlets perform best for your company. With this knowledge, you will be able to target media outlets more effectively and save time and resources while reaching a more relevant audience.

Video and Virtual Reality

With the world becoming more and more visual, it’s only understandable that video and virtual reality would gain more importance in the future. Videos give your audience a chance to see your product in action or “meet” a representative of your company face-to-face, giving you more credibility and adding a personal note. By creating fun, viral videos you can manage to attract a large audience and be sure that people around you are talking about you.

Virtual reality is becoming more of a trend as well, as people seek more in-depth experiences. Since it is not yet as widely spread as videos, you could be a pioneer in your industry and become the talk of the town by creating engaging virtual reality experiences. Take some time to learn about this exciting new technology and find out how it can help you better reach your audience and communicate with them.

Influencer Marketing

People value genuine reviews and want to learn about a product or service from a trusted source. That is where influencers come in. This trend has been developing over the past few years and is set to continue becoming one of the new key ways to promote your business. This year, start establishing long-term connections with trusted influencers on social media, blogs or regular contributors to leading publications. This is a great chance for you to reach your audience on a channel they trust, giving you high-quality exposure.

SEO Merges With PR

This trend is also not new but set to become ever more important in 2017. With Google creating more new features and updating its algorithms it’s important to integrate SEO in your PR work. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and make sure you apply current SEO practices to your website and communication material. Then you will be sure to get the organic traffic you need for your business.

These are just a few of the PR trends to keep an eye on in 2017. We hope that it will help you successfully communicate with your target audience and achieve the goals you have set for yourself this year. If you feel you need a skilled professional to assist you with this, drop us a line at info@localhost or visit our website