Bangkok, 25th May, 2021 – The Business Owners Summit is committed to empowering and enabling business owners across Asia to grow during and after the pandemic. The forum brings together over 25 world-class entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown exponentially even in the midst of the Covid situation. The Summit speakers will answer the following question via its online-only summit format: “If your business were to crash as a result of the effects of Covid – and it was the only source of income for providing for your family – what would you do in the next 100 days to make it successful again?”

By attempting to offer an answer to the proposed question, listeners will be able to receive and benefit from suggestions, learn strategies for growth and resiliency, and come away with ideas that will let them grow their business using shared, proven concepts that have helped other businesses. The online event is held on 31st May, 1st June, and 2nd June, and participants can join for free.

Topics will cover Digital Transformation, Marketing Implementation Strategies, Online Marketing, Cybersecurity, and Outsourcing, as well as highlighting daily-life stories and subsequent learning, such as the Mumbai-based restaurant chain owner who transformed his restaurants into centers for food distribution and which have distributed more than 1 million meals to date. An inspired roster of speakers includes leading CEOs, founders, partners, senior executives, and entrepreneurs from over 20 organisations across Asia-Pacific and in Thailand (full schedule of speakers available online at the below link).

For guests wishing to join any of the sessions held over the three event days (including catch-up sessions available for up to 12 hours after live release), please : REGISTER HERE

About the Business Owners Online Summit

If you have a Wi-Fi connection and either a desktop, notebook, iPad or a smartphone, you are literally already good to go! Joining The Business Owners Online Summit is free for all participants, and attendees will be given a free ticket upon registration. The Summit dates are: Monday 31st May (’21) to Wednesday 2nd June (’21). Each day, The Summit starts promptly at 9AM Bangkok Time and ends at around 9PM Bangkok time. Please remember to adjust your schedule accordingly to suit your respective time-zone.

For further information on joining, and for media enquiries, please email