As we already know, LinkedIn allows individuals to flourish in the professional sphere. However, businesses and organizations have a lot to gain from this platform as well – sadly, many of them end up underutilizing it by posting merely about basic company information. Businesses and organizations can pick the best talent from LinkedIn, while also portraying themselves as thought leaders in the industry by utilizing the platform. Here are a few ways how organizations can make the most out of LinkedIn:

  • Build Connections: It is all about building and working those connections. LinkedIn allows us to connect with other members from the industry. As an organization, you can join groups on LinkedIn that can help you to expand your network and connect with potential clients and partners. Moreover, linking on LinkedIn is like the name itself! Social media, blog posts or the company website, you can link it all. This cluster of links can bring traffic to your company page which will help you to expand your network.
  • Content is king: Content is the king of all even at LinkedIn! Whether it is PR or advertising the right content makes everyone feel content! Sharing and liking blog posts and interesting industry related articles on LinkedIn is a great way to communicate and share thoughts with your connections. In fact, involve your employees too when it comes to sharing the content.
  • Getting Insights: LinkedIn comes with a beautiful feature called LinkedIn Polls. This feature allows users to ask questions and ask for opinions. Businesses often seek new ways to perform market research or engage with their employees. Organizations can use this feature as it is not only a great way to collect data from connections across LinkedIn but also helps to boost content engagement and attract new connections with same interests.
  • Organization Page: In our previous blog post we mentioned that it is important to draw a line between personal LinkedIn and company page. Your organization’s LinkedIn page is a place where you can post anything. Are you expanding your team? Getting a new logo? Celebrating festivals? As an organization the field is yours! Sharing content as an organization will help you gain followers and provide your connections with a sneak-peek in your corporate culture.
  • Targeting Made Easy: Apart from providing opportunities to spread awareness and to position the organization in the professional realm, LinkedIn also provides you with multiple tools. For instance, the Sales Navigator tool allows your communications to be sent to the right people at the right time, via multiple filters and settings. Also, as mentioned before, LinkedIn is a great platform to seek talent in the industry – it provides a wide variety of tools in order to conduct various tasks, right from candidate research to recruitment. Make sure you keep an eye out for both existing and new tools and features every now and then – they’re going to make the professional realm as smooth as ever!

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