At Midas PR, we take pride in the fact that we are a cohesive dedicated team that enables us to work together to create tailor-made, dynamic solutions for clients. Working in an independent PR agency like Midas PR has its benefits, including:

Personal and professional growth
Boutique PR agencies are a great way to grow rapidly in your career. At agencies like ours, everyone gets to work together on different projects. Junior-level employees gain valuable experience from working directly with senior-level management while the latter become better leaders.

Access to information
Working at a boutique agency means you know the agency in and out. As you progress, you will be asked to become familiar with all aspects of each client account and have the ability to propose ideas and solutions.

Diverse work
Boutique PR agencies get a chance to work with clients from different industries which can help you develop a range of skills that will boost your career. This also gives you the ability to understand the specifics of various industries.

An advantage that is often overlooked in big corporations. In a boutique agency, you get to work on both big and small clients. You are presented with a platform to bring your ideas to life while in global agencies juniors are often asked to perform tasks like clipping and reporting for clients.

Smaller PR agencies are a great way to learn about yourself, recognize your strengths, and get a chance to develop new skills. If you are in doubt about starting your career in PR, talk to one of our consultants today. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.