Events are currently being conducted online, including traditionally in-person events such as press conferences, seminars, roundtables, and panel discussions. Whilst PR companies and client businesses have adapted to conducting e-only programs, the scheduling of activities before, during, and after events remain largely as before.

This includes the detailed planning, creation, curation, and distribution of a number of crucial documents and release types, depending on whether they will be used pre/post event.

Before the e-event

Planning for a virtual event begins weeks before go-live day, or sometimes within tight timescales depending on requirements. A short-form release known as a calendar news is typically sent to media before the event as a teaser for the forthcoming forum/launch and is helpful in attracting media interest in lead-up. Official invitations are sent to journalists depending on targeting/segmentation established during the planning stage. Briefing books are given to spokespersons to explain key information, with a helpful guide on how to answer questions from journalists.

During the event

This is where the experience of appointed PR seniors and their executive teams play a crucial role in ensuring digital events are hosted without a hitch. Any unexpected issues are resolved speedily, and media liaison is handled calmly and professionally to make sure the e-event is a success. Detailed press releases, core information and supporting documentation are provided to media guests.

Post-event maximisation

Post-event publicity is achieved through the distribution of a round-up release, photo scoop (a longer-form release which is orientated around high-quality imagery), supplementary advertorials (if required), and other forms of distribution such as promotional videos for YouTube or an ongoing social media campaign designed to extend post-event magnetism and reach.

By following an established preparation/distribution strategy before, during, and after events, businesses can be sure they are achieving maximum ROI and communication of key messages. At Midas PR, we work closely with clients at every stage of planning, delivery, maximization and review stages to ensure your virtual press conference or launch goes perfectly. Visit or get in touch with us via email.