Opportunities for networking in Bangkok offer a wealth of benefits, from events that enable attendees in building contacts, connections, and relationships with like-minded professionals to providing you with a supportive community built on collaboration and sharing insights and help. So you probably want to get started as soon as possible! To give you some pointers on how and where to begin networking in Bangkok via a lively event scene, we’ve created a brief summary of Bangkok’s top networking events below.

Bangkok’s top networking events:

Bangkok Yuppies

Bangkok Yuppies is reputed to be where the coolest professionals in the city come to connect, relax, share work insights and contacts, and generally unwind. A series of events hosted every other month takes place in some of the city’s most inspired sky bars, hotels and rooftop restaurants. Bangkok Yuppies is not just an upwardly-mobile group of Bangkok’s game-changers swapping business cards; the group’s unique approach and modus operandi stimulate the development of new friendships as invaluable partnerships are forged. Attendees exchange knowledge as the event series evolves, opening up access to a collective skillset of mastery and network growth within each event.


This business breakfast networking organisation was founded on the principle of Give Grow Gain, they grow their business through building closer relationships; it’s about the functional law of reciprocity and returning benefits for all. The use of face-to-face breakout meets, both structured and social, is a major distinction between iNSPIRE and other networks, with members working on building an in-depth understanding of one another’s core competencies, so each becomes each other’s best representatives. iNSPIRE is a standalone network of 27 business owners who meet weekly every Friday morning from 6.30 to 9.00 am, more info here: iNSPIRE : Give, Grow, Gain

The Lionesses of Siam

A women-only social and business networking consortium of leading and up-and-coming talent, peers and partners join together to support other women in business as part of an empowering experience! A celebration of shared superpowers and a great way of obtaining valuable insights for new members through some of the best networking in Bangkok, the club meets once a month and proudly supports a growing network of inspiring women entrepreneurs. Visit their LinkedIn group.

The Lionesses of Siam - Bangkok’s Top Six Networking

Networking for Success

Networking for Success (NFS) is one of Bangkok’s top networking lunches, held by Midas’ Karin Lohitnavy and Dan Schwartz on the first Tuesday of every month, and it’s the only event in Bangkok aimed solely at C-level individuals. It gives 20 top executives the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a refined, private setting and share their vision and inspirations. This is paired with a business presentation on engaging topics and a delicious meal at rotating venues close to BTS lines for convenience.

Chambers of Commerce

Many countries have Chambers of Commerce set up in Bangkok, and they frequently organize networking events for both local and international professionals. These gatherings can be a great place to meet people from a specific country or industry and help you target your networking efforts. If you are seriously focused on success, you can become a paying member of a chamber and take advantage of several great benefits, such as being able to market your company in the chamber’s newsletter, or getting publicity by sponsoring one of their future events. Some of the top chambers to look at are the American, Australian, Singaporean and Japanese Chambers of Commerce.

Skål International Club Thailand

Skål is a professional organization that connects leaders of the tourism industry from around the world at its regular events all around Thailand. It is the only networking group that brings together all branches of this vast industry, including hoteliers, travel agents, suppliers and more. Skål has around 15,000 active members in 400 clubs spread across 80 countries. If you are looking to grow your network globally, this group is worth checking out. Visit Skal website.

Skål International Club Thailand - Bangkok’s Top Six Networking

N.B. As we are writing this blog, all networks have paused their offline events and many are holding online or hybrid meetings that still offer the same core benefits.

This is by no means a complete list of all Bangkok’s top networking events. There are many more meetups that are targeted to specific niches and industries, and with a bit of research you are sure to find those that match your needs and networking goals. If you would like to learn more about our networks get in touch with us today at info@midas-pr.com or check out our website, www.midas-pr.com to see how we can assist you.