In the past, B2B marketing and PR was often considered boring and rather plain. That’s because the common practice was to focus on features and benefits in a way that often only spoke to the business, not the person making the decisions for it. This is changing now and companies who have learned to give their B2B messages a more human feel are reaping amazing rewards for it. Curious to know how they are doing it? Here are four ways to make B2B PR more fun and effective at the same time.

Use data to tell stories

A good story has a unique way of drawing your prospects in and bringing them closer to becoming paying customers. A lot of consumer brands know this and have used it to build strong reputations and household names. Why shouldn’t B2B companies be able to do the same?

Of course, stories in this field will tend not to be as emotional or stirring, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be captivating. For example, in your next press release or blog post, go beyond just highlighting your new product or service. Tell the story of how it came to be. Did you have the idea because you noticed a pain point in your industry? Or did you create it because customers repeatedly asked for it?

To make your story even stronger and more convincing, add hard data nobody can argue with. How many people will benefit from your new solution? How much time can they save because of it or by how much will it help them increase their revenue?

Get on the media’s good side

A reporter’s life is not easy. Contrary to what some people might think, it’s not all about doing interesting interviews and writing inspiring articles all day. A lot of their work consists of sifting through countless pitches and feature requests and deciding what to use. If that sounds tedious, that’s because it is.

To make things easier on them, start by only sending truly newsworthy pitches with solid information and an interesting angle. In the age of fake news, properly researched data has gotten a whole new worth. If you consistently provide them with this kind of valuable content, they will quickly start looking forward to your pitches and you’ll find it easier to get those coveted features.

By becoming their source of up-to-date information about your industry, you have a good chance of being their go-to expert next time they have a question or are looking for someone to interview about a topic you’re knowledgeable about. Did you notice how this approach can actually get the media to come to you? That’s when you know they trust and value your input!

Take it offline

Having a great online presence is an amazing way to reach a lot of people and get your products and services in front of them. If you’re convincing enough, of course, you’ll be able to sell directly online or get people to send you an inquiry.

To make an even better impression though, have you ever thought of taking things offline? This means hosting or speaking at events, planning a meetup with members of your audience or making yourself approachable at trade shows and conventions.

That way, people will see the humans behind your brand and can build a whole new level of trust. There’s just something about being able to attribute a real face and name to a business that no sales page or e-mail funnel can replicate. And of course, creating a memorable experience through fun interactions and conversations will help you stay at the front of their mind longer and make you the first person they think of when they need what you offer.

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