People spend a lot of money during the holiday season. That’s why many companies go to great lengths to promote themselves but end up putting people off because their campaigns are too aggressive or insensitive for this special time of year. Watch out for the points mentioned below to make your holiday PR campaign a success.

Be Respectful of Traditions

Christmas is a time many people associate with fond memories of their childhood. It brings back images of them with their parents and grandparents celebrating the holidays together in pretty much the same way each year. Even if you think trying something edgy or even controversial will get your brand talked about, Christmas is probably not the right time to do that. Focus on traditional values such as love, the family, sharing and harmony as this is what people are looking for at this time of year. The fun, edgy ideas will go better with a New Year’s campaign.

Be Sincere

As mentioned above, Christmas is a time of traditional values. Use them in a touching way in your PR efforts and you will draw attention to your company in a good way. Your customers will see you as a caring company that respects their values, and remain loyal to you even after the holidays. If you are seen as using people’s values and traditions in a cheesy and disrespectful way just to get their money, this will quickly backfire as customers take their business to a company they feel understands them better.

It’s About Them

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. Show your customers you care about them by providing them something of true value. This could include making their shopping experience easier and quicker, helping them to find the best gifts more quickly or supporting a charitable cause with the money they spend on your products. Whatever value you can offer, do so in a way that shows customers you are doing it for them, not to promote yourself. Especially at this time of year this will go a long way and has the potential to build relationships for the new year.

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