Did you know that in just the next five years there is estimated to be an excess of 20 billion devices connected to the internet? That amasses to a global market value of nearly 2 trillion dollars. The abundance and overwhelmingly large amount of connected devices has been coined a very catchy, yet rarely properly understood, term ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. But what does that even mean? Do PR and marketing teams even need to think about it?

To put it into simpler terms, IoT is an umbrella term that encompasses the interconnectivity between electronic objects to the internet to help with the collection and distribution of data. IoT has been around for a number of years. Though, IoT is just now being deemed as the “Next Big Thing” by huge companies like Google and Cisco. The rate of IoT innovation has begun to accelerate exponentially. And everyone better get on board or be prepared to be left behind in everyone’s dust.

So what does IoT have to do with PR or marketing? Well, plenty. This means that PR and marketing professionals will have access to a wealth of knowledge about their target audiences that had previously not been available to them. IoT provides very specific data about consumers – more than any data currently used today. PR and marketing teams can further their research and tailor campaigns to fit exactly what their consumers are looking for.

The accelerating IoT world creates a fantastic opportunity for PR and marketing professionals to enhance their analysis of consumer behavior. In order to stay in the game, these professionals will need to brush up on their tech skills to be prepared to jump head first in the IoT curve.

The Asia IoT Business Platform is coming to Thailand this summer. It will be held on May 26-27 at the Amari Watergate Bangkok hotel. The event will provide local enterprises with a podium for learning and sharing information about IoT technology, while addressing key issues of IoT adoption. Through this event, companies will be provided with the chance to gain exposure within the industry. This is a great opportunity for PR and marketing professionals to learn more about the impacts and effects IoT will have.