The Importance of Knowing and Communicating Your Boundarie

Agreeability and amiability have long been popular traits across numerous cultures. Equating the two characteristics presents a problem when your affability is measured by the amount of things you agree to. It is important to note that when you say ‘yes’ to something you don’t want to, you are saying ‘no’ to yourself. Starting relationships with clear boundaries show people to treat you as well as encourage them to be open with you and set the scene for healthy, symbiotic relationships.

Mental Clarity

We are all juggling what seems like a million things at once: work, relationships, health, and whatnot. What seems to happen a majority of the time is people sacrifice their hobbies and sleep in order to excel at their work and social life. This is not sustainable. When you overstretch yourself, you are bound to experience brain fog and ultimately, burn out. It’s better to have clear goals in the workplace. Knowing exactly what your assignments are and setting a realistic delivery date will decrease uncertainty, a substantial cause of anxiety. With a clearer mind, you can better address the stressors in your life rather than letting them fester & take over.

Intuitive Introspection & Improvement

Hinging your self-worth on how much you can deliver people is a slippery slope to say the least. It is up to the individual to determine the quality of your work and to decide if they will consider the effort you put in or your circumstances. It does not mean you are ignoring your peers, but the opposite. In essence, you are respecting yourself, the rules you had set for yourself to improve.

Harmonious Environment 

With all motivational quotes encouraging us to say ‘yes’ to new experiences, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one experiencing discomfort in new endeavors. Implementing boundaries at the workplace may seem difficult at first. However, the benefits outweigh the initial awkwardness: it also encourages those around you to realistically and mindfully set goals and deadlines. Setting limits lets you know what you are capable of, as well as communicates your confidence to your peers. A mindful and healthy office is a productive office.

Work Life-Balance

The phrase “I don’t have time” is one that often stops people from pursuing other avenues of gratification. Having an effectively managed workload, schedule, and deadlines leaves you with opportunities to dedicate to your hobbies, yourself, and your relationships. A well-rounded lifestyle is conducive and necessary for your mental health. When you prioritise your mental health, you are prioritising yourself. You are saying ‘yes’ to a better mindset, better relationships, and a better quality of life.