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We help entrepreneurs launch or grow their product concept with world class marketing and management support compounded with local insights and network.

Marketing is a complex, multifaceted business tool. This is why here at Midas PR Group we guide you every step of the way of the marketing process. Whether it’s for a new company wanting to get the word out or for an established player desiring to promote a new product or service, our experienced team is there to help you.

All companies, large or small, established or new, need proper branding to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. We know what makes the difference between good branding and amazing branding that will make you stand out from the crowd and get people to come running.

To achieve this, we sit down with you and listen to how you see your brand, what you want to accomplish, who you are targeting. Once we have a clear picture, we create your brand DNA and help you implement it successfully. That way, in no time you will go from being a newbie to becoming a recognized household name people turn to.

Having a solid brand and a good product is a great first step, but you need a mission statement to communicate why you are doing what you are doing in a meaningful way. Getting this right will help potential customers connect with you on a deeper level, building the foundation of a solid, profitable relationship. Our team will help you craft a mission statement that will make this possible.
Building a strong, 360° marketing strategy is a complex approach that takes a very broad view of the complete customer journey across several devices and platforms, from the first time they hear about you, to when they decide to buy from you. It includes aspects such as customer communication, sending outbound email, nurturing inbound leads, social media interactions, content development and management, an easy-to-use website, targeted SEO, and PPC campaigns.

The Midas team can help you develop each of these points and put them together to create your own 360° marketing strategy that will boost your brand recognition and conversion rate.

In a world that changes from day to day, it is important to stay ahead of the game and understand where trends are going. Today it has become necessary to understand, foresee and adapt to consumer behavior faster than at any other time. This can seem difficult, but with the assistance of Midas’ diverse team of marketing veterans and new-age talent, we find the best way to get your audience’s attention and get them to take the desired action.
Whether you need assistance with a short-term marketing blitz or a long-term campaign, there is a common goal: you want the right people to get to know about your product or service and take a specific action.

Our team has many years of experience when it comes to managing your projects and finding the best way to achieve your objectives. Together, we will determine a timeline and suggest the steps to take to make it all happen, closely overseeing the progress and sharing it with you regularly.

You’ve created something you are eager to get out there? Midas can help you do it. With our marketing and PR expertise, we will create a hype around your new product and make sure it’s in high demand before it is even launched. Together, we will build and execute a highly targeted launch campaign, making you the talk of the town on the relevant media outlets and helping you kick off with a bang.
As we mentioned already, you will get nowhere if you don’ have proper branding for your company. Once you do, it is important to show it everywhere. This is why, on top of our other marketing services, we also offer creative support when it comes to designing the packaging and presentation of your products, making sure it is consistent with your branding and resonates with your target audience.
Business planning is the key to your company’s survival and growth. Here at Midas, we can help you set up a plan with clearly outlined steps that will help you achieve your goals in the coming months, quarters and years. We will also look into risks and challenges to your business and devise ways to overcome them effectively. By creating this kind of bigger picture, you will set yourself and your company up for success.
Another important part of business planning is business development. If you want your company to grow, you might need to consider working with partners or branching out into new fields. Our team can help you do this in a way that suits your business and brings new opportunities for growth. Whether you want to open a new store location or tap into a new target market, our expertise and connections will help you achieve your goals.
What if you could reach a larger target market without having to design a whole new product but could expand on an existing one instead? At Midas, we can assist you with ideas on how to create a product platform around your bestseller and use it to reach a new, different group of buyers.
Today there is a sheer endless variety of ways to communicate with and reach your target audience. Apart from the known social media channels, there are many more used by niche markets and small groups of people that could easily become your clients if you knew where to find them. This is where Midas can help you because we know how to identify places where your target market interacts and capitalize on this knowledge to boost your business.
Knowing your customers is the key to developing a product or service that will solve a problem for them or fill a need. To understand the deeper truth of your customers’ behavior and the underlying reasons for why they buy (or not) is the key to developing products that are better tailored to their needs, solve problems more efficiently and therefore sell more easily. The comprehensive customer insights we create at Midas will help you do exactly that.

If the points above sound like something you want to know more about or need assistance with, get in touch with us today at to see exactly what we can do for you and your company.