Most startups face challenges like securing funding, finding the best talent or growing a customer base: most of these can actually be solved by PR. A thorough PR plan translates to a strong foundation when building a business. For example, if a potential investor wants more information about your company, then you would need both awareness and credibility. With the right communication tools, you can achieve the right type of media coverage. Therefore, it is necessary for startups to invest time and resources in public relations from the beginning. Let’s take a look at the challenges that startups usually face when it comes to PR. 

    1. Establishing PR Goals: The challenge starts with establishing your PR goals. Before asking your in-house PR team or a PR-agency to step in, you need to know what you want to achieve. Trust us, every PR agency will definitely need an answer to that question. Are you looking for a PR plan to attract visitors to your product launch? To increase visibility or to hire new employees? To answer this question you will need to sit with your team and discuss what needs to be done. Once you have a clear vision of what you want, then your communications team can make it happen. 
    2. Increasing Brand Awareness: PR objectives of a startup and of an established company are different. A long running company may focus on announcing a new product or change in logos. For startups, it will take more than disseminating a press release to the media to get the coverage in top-tier news and business outlets. A well-structured PR plan will build and constantly increase your brand’s awareness. Remember, PR is much more than  just disseminating a press release. 
    3. Keeping your business in the media: Getting a press release out once a month will not do the job. It is vital for startups to build credibility from the beginning. It not only helps with securing funding, but it also helps in building a consumer base. By maintaining a regular presence in the media and on social media your startup will stand out in a sea of small businesses. 
    4. Lack of Planning: Startups often neglect PR and marketing. We understand that running a startup is not an easy job, but failure to prioritise your communication strategy will leave your startup dead in the water. Remember: in the beginning, you do not have any brand recognition and the budget is also very limited. There are so many times when you are dealing with your prospective customers in an entirely digital sphere. By hiring a professional PR agency you can plan ahead and share the work-load. 

Creating and implementing a fully-driven PR campaign requires patience, hard work and dedication, especially if the reputation building has to start from scratch. Hiring a leading public relations agency can make this journey smooth for you. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.