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Guardforce Services Solutions Co. Ltd, part of Hong Kong based Guardforce Group, launched a cutting-edge range of new security solutions in Thailand. Their expert services were to be introduced to existing and potential [...]


Bata’s new CEO, Alexis Nasard, went on his first international business trip to Thailand in September 2016, as the company is currently working on expanding its presence in the Thai market. Bata wanted [...]


Continental hired Midas to organize a press conference to promote its newest feature ContiPressureCheckTM, which can measure tire pressure and temperature through a sensor and send the information to a mobile device. Midas [...]


Midas PR was hired to organize the 110th Thailand Anniversary in Thailand press conference that also included the release of Ericsson’s Digital Thailand Report and Office Inauguration. Midas PR was to handle the [...]

Sasin Bangkok Forum 2012

The event was highly successful with over 500 attendees and VIP guests.

World Economic Forum 2012

Midas organized the conference effectively, and obtain several interviews.

Ashley Madison

Midas successfully organized its PR in Thailand obtaining extensive media interviews.


Midas coordinated the exclusive launch and preview of the famous MOKE car into Asia with a Media Event and Press Campaign.

Bawarchi Indian Restaurant

Midas rebranded Bawarchi to establish a brand worthy and representative of its fine savory food.

Maya Restaurant

“One of the most awaited openings in Bangkok’s hospitality industry!”