Paul Hayward Bangkok Seals Sunbelt Asia Deal

Paul Hayward Bangkok, Thailand, co-founder of Panthera Group Thailand is now the proud owner of Sunbelt Asia. The acquisition of Sunbelt Asia, the largest and oldest international litigation, accounting and business services network in Thailand is yet another business coup for Paul Hayward.

Paul Hayward of Bangkok is best known for his lucrative portfolio of super clubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels across the SEA region. Those that think of Panthera Group Thailand as a hospitality behemoth may find their acquisition of Sunbelt Asia an unusual choice. However, Panthera Group Thailand is a diversified company with 17 years of experience in property management, capital and equity investment, distribution and logistics, accounting and much more.

Paul Hayward of Bangkok Thailand, co-founder of Panthera Group Thailand said, “For many high-profile international businesses and entrepreneurs, Sunbelt Asia is already Thailand’s go to law firm. We’ve already added further depth and quality to their operations by hiring some of the best legal brains in the business. The acquisition also adds another globally respected enterprise to the Panthera Group stable”.

Paul Hayward Bangkok

Paul Hayward Bangkok is set to continue the expansion of his business empire in 2019. In the last year alone Panthera Group Thailand has made huge profits on several savvy business take overs. The Sunbelt Asia, Birds Rotisserie, and Whisgars whisky and cigar chain acquisitions taking their asset management valuation in excess of $250,000,000.

Paul Hayward’s Panthera Group Thailand are on an acquisition spree, and their timing couldn’t be better. Thailand’s food and beverage market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.7% between 2019 and 2023. Couple that with a recent surge in commercial and industrial property markets and Thailand’s acquisition pipeline looks very healthy, as does the future for Paul Hayward and Panthera Group Thailand.

Paul Hayward Bangkok Sunbelt