The overall goal of having a podcast is to attract more listeners and speak like a professional. We then want to convert our active listeners to engaged listeners. Engaged listeners are loyal. They tune in because they value your opinion and want to hear your thoughts on various industry trends and topics. Below we have shared some tips on how to make a good engaging podcast:

  1. Right Content: Always remember that you can’t please everyone all the time. If you are having regular podcast episodes it is necessary to focus on whether your next topic is the right topic for your target audience and  how will the topic add value to your listeners. Think of what your listeners need to listen to, not what you want to talk about. By doing this, your audience will feel that their needs are being answered and it will help you to attract more listeners to your podcast. 
  2. Stay on the topic: Podcasts address a subject, discuss it in detail and reach a conclusion. As the communication begins to flow, it is natural to steer away from the topic. Remember to always stick to your script and control the flow of information that you are giving to your listeners. In the end, you want your audience to take away something valuable and useful from every podcast session rather than useless pile of information. 
  3. Inviting experts: Having an industry expert on your podcast can help you attract a wider audience, and increase your business’ credibility. When an expert shows up it will not only give you something new to talk about but it could also bring new followers. 
  4. Listen Carefully: When you have a guest over it is important to ask the next question after the guest has finished answering the first one. Listen carefully to what your guests have to say. Use their answers to form a story and if they mention something that is interesting, don’t be afraid to counter question it. 

At the end of the day you want to build a loyal audience and want them to take away something valuable. Creating a regular and engaging podcast takes time and practice. If you research well and build a good script then you will be able to have a successful podcast in no time. Midas PR has recently started doing podcast and we can help you research on your topics and  build a good script. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.