As a public relations agency, the first thing we look for when selecting influencers for a client is the number of likes their posts get. We see “likes” as a key metric for tracking the performance of a post. After all, we always check how many likes our competitors get! With Instagram currently testing the hiding likes feature in several countries, we believe it makes sense to be proactive and prepare for the change. Although the “no-likes” policy has not been confirmed for Thailand yet, it is time to think of possible alternatives. Let’s have a look at what brands can do: 

  1. Instagram stories: Not happy with Instagram’s latest policy but still want to use the platform? By hiding the number of likes, Instagram may be forcing brands to create authentic content. Rather than always posting pictures on Instagram, brands now have an opportunity to show their true selves and share behind the scenes more often. The audience connects with the brands they love. Once brands start expressing themselves, it will allow their followers to do the same.
  2. Influencer marketing: In the big picture, Instagram likes never depict the sales of a product for a brand. By hiding likes, things change drastically for influencers and brands. This is the time for both influencers and brands to build relationships with their followers/audience outside the social networking platform. One way for brands to do this is by creating long-term partnerships between themselves and influencers. It will create a win-win situation for everyone. 
  3. More Reachable: Brands will need to become more reachable and discoverable for their audience. This can be done by commenting on posts, using hashtags more often, reposting stories, IGTV, etc., The goal here is to make sure that your content is viewed, reposted and shared by your followers. Time to up that hashtag game! 
  4. Genuine Interactions: Before the policy comes into effect in Thailand, brands need to start building genuine interactions with their followers. Brands can genuinely comment on the post of followers, even the competitors’ post (if you like something — say it, it will bring you free publicity). Once the likes are hidden, all the attention will be focused on the number of followers your brand has and the comments your posts get. 

Despite hiding the likes on Instagram, the future of social media and influencer marketing is still very bright. Our team at Midas PR can help you with your social media content and in finding influencers to build long-term relationships with. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.