People are often scared of public speaking because they know they will be judged not only on the content, but also the delivery. Above all, they will judge the speaker. All the hard-work will go down the drain if you are not able to communicate your ideas and thoughts in a clear and entertaining way. There are plenty of tips available, but our experience brings you the best advice that will help you shine at your next event. Read below to find out: 

  • Get there early: Getting early to the venue has plenty of advantages. First, it will save you from having a panic attack of being late. Second, it will also help you familiarise with the stage. You will get to network with your audience before your session which will  boost your confidence and help you choose the right tone of your presentation. 
  • Audience Attention: It is important to capture your audience’s attention from the start. To do that, you can start your speech with an “attention-getter” — an interesting question or a personal story which people can relate to. It will allow your audience to focus on what you are saying. The idea behind this concept is to make your audience think of something. It will also help you to build mutual understanding with your audience. 
  • Move Around: A great way to make sure that your audience does not lose interest while you are presenting is by using the space that is given to you. By moving from one point to another while presenting you can keep the audience engaged. It is also important to change things —  like the pitch of your voice to avoid being monotonous. 
  • Representing Organization: Remember — you are representing your organization. The audience will associate you with the company, and everything you say will have a direct impact on the organization. You want your audience to remember you as someone who is easy to talk to and who can provide expert advice. 
  • Feedback: Last but not the least —get the feedback from your audience or from your colleagues who were attending. They will be able to tell what you may have missed or never noticed. This feedback will allow you to continuously improve and make your next presentation better. 

We understand that for some people, public speaking is something they find rather uncomfortable. But it is important to remember that each public appearance at a big event may   open a lot of opportunities — not only for your organization but for you as well. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.