The late King Bhumibol was highly regarded by the Thai people. This makes the Royal Funeral a very sensitive time in the country. Of course, companies need to continue their operations even now; however, it is necessary to adapt the way of working to show consideration and respect. The suggestions below will outline some pointers to follow in the coming weeks.

The Royal Funeral and the Mourning Period

From October 25 to 29, 2017 the Royal Funeral of King Bhumibol Adulyadej will be taking place in Bangkok. While only October 26, 2017 is an official public holiday, the entire period will be one of mourning.

Days Off and Closed Businesses

Many Thais will want to attend the ceremonies taking place during this time and for those who cannot, national TV stations will be broadcasting everything live. You can expect a lot of your Thai staff to want to be at home with their families during this time to watch the rites together and support each other. Demonstrating understanding and compassion for them will show your good will and give you a lot of credit.

For the same reason, many smaller businesses will be closed during this time, making it hard to move forward with any activities that might have been planned. The best thing is to avoid scheduling any important meetings or other things during this time to show respect for the King as well as to your mourning business partners and clients.

Parties and celebrations should also not take place during this time. Postpone them to a date in November to ensure you are putting enough time between the mourning period and your festivities. Failing to do so could be considered very disrespectful, tarnish your image or even lead to legal action.

Promotions and Media Events

During the Royal Funeral, promotions, product launches and press conferences should not be held. As television channels and newspapers will mainly feature information about the cremation and the late King’s life, you would not receive any coverage and would only be showing great disrespect towards to the royal family.

After the Royal Funeral

While the ceremonies will end on October 29, the nation will continue to mourn its much-loved Kind for a long time. This means that even in following months you should tread lightly. Remain respectful of the King’s passing at all times and do your best to hold necessary events in a way that is appropriate for this time. If you have any doubts on corporate etiquette, communication or any other procedures to follow during this time, it would be best to contact a local professional who can provide expert advice and help you avoid faux-pas.

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