The complexity of internal communication systems and information flow increases with the growth in the size of organizations. As soon as the organization expands, so does the communication system. More specialised written communication is needed, and to be communicated in different ways to different groups. If done right, internal communication will turn employees into teams and teams into families. Tips below can help you develop internal PR communication channels within your organization: 

  • Easy Access: Every company operates differently, and it can be difficult for new employees to learn about the organization, its rules, culture and management expectations. Companies can avoid this problem by making internal knowledge easily accessible for newcomers. One way to do this is by organizing in-house training programs for new employees; another one is by building an Intranet hub with all the necessary information stored in an easily accessible format. 
  • Social Media: Companies tend to look at social media only as a means to communicate with their customers. But it can also be used to enhance communication within the organization. By connecting on social media employees can like, share and comment on interesting posts related to the organization and their colleagues. This can be implemented within your company’s Intranet system — in fact, using Intranet for this purpose may be a better idea, particularly if you are concerned with keeping internal matters internal. 
  • Internal Newsletter: Sending out an internal newsletter is a great way to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in the company. Depending upon the frequency of announcements and the size of the company  you can either send out weekly or monthly newsletters. 
  • Regular Content: Sending out regular content via appropriate online channels can have a positive impact on your employees. Apart from motivating them to like and share the posts, you can also ask your staff to create the content themselves. It will help boost their morale, keep them engaged and will also allow them to have a say in the organization. 
  • Anonymous Suggestions: Sometimes not everyone is comfortable with giving voice to their opinion. Having an anonymous suggestion box is a great way for employees to anonymously comment on what they like and don’t like. 

Yes, implementing internal PR may feel like a lot of work. But it comes with a lot of benefits. Our team at Midas PR can help you maximise the impact of  your internal PR strategies. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.