Advertising and other types of marketing strategies tend to contribute very little to building trust — consumers are not likely to get attracted to exaggerations and puffery which are the essence of promotion. Over the years, public relations has turned out to be the necessary piece of a comprehensive promotional strategy that is capable of adding the crucial element — build credibility and trust to a brand’s marketing message. Let’s have a look at how PR can support other marketing initiatives in influencing purchasing decisions:

  1. PR helps to raise awareness: Brand awareness is considered to be one of the most important elements in purchasing decision-making process. This is what advertising tries to achieve. But consumers are overloaded with advertising messages and quickly learn to ignore them. Public relations can play a major role in raising brand awareness due to its ability to break through message clutter.
  2. PR builds a positive image: Public relations efforts are intended to make sure that the consumer receives a positive message from the organization. Brand image has a strong positive impact on consumers’ buying behavior as it is an implied means that can change buying habits positively.
  3. PR provides testimonials: PR uses press releases, social media and influencer connections to help brands strengthen their brand image and increase their profitability. Your PR agency can source real testimonials and put them at the right place at the right time. Studies show that customers do trust and engage with online reviews regularly and these reviews remain very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions.
  4. PR increases credibility: PR helps brands to build their credibility through earned media. Earned media makes a bigger impact on consumers because it is written by a third party which makes it more credible. Consumers show greater purchase intention toward brands that are highly credible. The more credible the brand, the higher is the purchase intention toward that brand.

Every brand hopes to build their community by turning their consumers into brand ambassadors. If you are looking to change your consumer’s behavior then our consultants can help you. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.