Influencer marketing helps brands reach and connect with their audiences on a personal level. Influencer content is often perceived by consumers as more human, engaging and trustworthy. By collaborating with online opinion leaders on different platforms brands try to give a human touch to their marketing messages. What are the general benefits of working with influencers?

  1. Generate Sales: Over the years brands have overloaded consumers with advertising to an extent that people have become resistant to it. Influencers offer a new medium. They talk about first-hand experience with a specific product or service, and it drives audiences to develop an interest in it. Thanks to the advancement of Instagram, influencers can directly link a brand’s webpage through their story, provoking users to simply swipe up.
  2. Improve SEO: Working with influencers helps generate natural backlinks to your website, further improving your site ranking. When an influencer shares your link, it increases your chances of having other people share the link which further helps in boosting your search rankings. The more influencers discuss your product, the more awareness you get which affects your SEO by increasing your visibility, awareness, and engagement. Brownie points, collaborating with influencers results in adding their credibility to your content and sharing your brand message through a third party endorsement.
  3. Build Trust: According to a recent report, 92% of consumers trust ‘earned’ media, word-of-mouth or recommendations from family and friends over other types of advertising. This is where influencer marketing comes in as it works as a referral form of advertising and leans towards building long-term trust. The followers of influencers trust the content they produce. The greater the trust an influencer has earned, the more positive comments they will get on their posts. Positive exposure from a valued people helps brands build and maintain trust among consumers.
  4. Cost-Effective: Rather than paying large advertising fees or running expensive print campaigns, influencer marketing allows you to reach the same audience for less. Getting an influencer to endorse your brand is less costly than any other method of advertising. The real cost of hiring depends on the influencer, as some require monetary payment, while others prefer to take goods or gifts in return. Rising influencers sometimes don’t charge at all.

Key opinion leaders can bring a lot of benefits to brands. They can help with social following, engage with native content, and drive traffic. If you are still not sure whether influencer marketing is right for your brand then we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.